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Style Guide: Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchens are timeless and classic; and are a major style choice kitchen remodelers go with. There are some key elements that go into making a traditional kitchen, and we have the guide for you!

Natural Materials:

Traditional kitchens are well you know, traditional. Which means it’s time to go back to the roots, and use natural materials like, natural stone such as granite and marble, and of course wood. Tying back your kitchen’s main features of countertops, flooring, and cabinets to what mother nature gave us will be beneficial in reaching that traditional look.

Natural Stone

White Kitchen


Ornate Details:

A lot of traditional kitchens have ornate details in their woodwork. To achieve a traditional look, try adding crown molding, baseboards, and carvings into your cabinetry. You can also add these details to your countertops! By choosing an edge that has multiple levels, like an Ogee Bullnose or a Waterfall edge, or by adding curves to your countertops, can really increase the ornate details in your kitchen. Want to make your kitchen bold? Look at your ceiling to add details. Adding a coffered ceiling or even a barrel-vaulted ceiling could add a lot of drama to your kitchen, creating a grand room for your home.

Grand Traditional Kitchen

Curved Countertops

Cambria Countertops


Classic Stains and Colors:

Stay with the classics which in this case are your neutrals. Having a neutral/monochromatic pallet can make the small details in your kitchen really stand out! If you must add color, rich blues and greens are common colors homeowners use to add a little pop!

Monochromatic Neutral Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Island

Custom Hoods:

Custom hoods are a great way to add a focal point to your kitchen. If you want to add an ornate feature, but want to skip out on all of the additional woodwork in your kitchen, having one grand hood is a great feature to add to still achieve the traditional look.

Custom Kitchen Hoods

Glass Paneling:

Since all the detailed woodwork can bring heaviness to the kitchen, adding glass panels to your cabinetry can bring in additional light and air to break up the boldness of wood. Having windows behind your cabinets are also a great way to bring in extra light.

Glass Cabinets

Decorative Lighting:

Lighting is the jewelry of your home! Add a little bling with decorative lights to complete your traditional design.

Traditional Kitchen Lighting

There are many different kitchen styles you can choose for your home. Traditional is one of our favorites, and will always be a classic choice for years to come. Stay tuned for more design guides on your favorite styles.

This Old House

If you are a fan of the show This Old House, you have probably seen this season’s “Generation NEXT” house located in the Boston suburb of Newton, MA. 

Discover Marble & Granite had the opportunity to be featured in episode 14 for an installation of new quartz kitchen countertops.

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, thus quartz countertops are one of the most durable options available. These countertops are engineered and can be created in a variety of different colors that can mimic the appearance of natural stone. Quartz is a very popular choice for kitchen and bath countertops. For this kitchen, we installed Caesarstone quartz countertops in the shade Pure White.


Ceasarstone Pure White Quartz Countertops


To ensure a perfect fit, our installers are trained at combining slabs and merging seams, thus creating a flawless piece.


We love the finished design of this blue contemporary kitchen! The Pure White Caesarstone countertops add a great sense of contrast and we are honored to have been able to help create a space where a family’s next generation will live and grow.

If you would like to see the full episode, head over to This Old House to see how Discover Marble & Granite can transform your kitchen dreams into reality!

Monolith Inception Kitchen designed by Richard T. Anuszkiewicz


As a luxury kitchen specialist, it is always important for me to bring thought provoking ideas and execution techniques to the market. At the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) last month, I showcased my latest forward-thinking design titled “Monolith Inception”.

The Monolith Inception kitchen was commissioned by Liebherr Refrigeration to celebrate the launch of their new column refrigeration series. The concept of the kitchen is derived from the definition of “Monolithic”, meaning, “formed of a single block of stone.” This idea can be found throughout the kitchen in the crisp contemporary geometries and the layered long linear planes.

Monolith Inception Kitchen

The overall palette evokes a masculine sense in dark and moody tones, think “Tom Ford Fashion”. Exotic and luxurious finishes run through the entire space. Two of the most talked about pieces in the kitchen where the dual refrigeration armoires. The first armoire was comprised of a striking poly-sheen eucalyptus wood. This high-gloss furniture styled refrigeration series has a drawer chest appearance on the bottom and includes a full refrigerator, full freezer and full wine column.

Kitchen Refrigerator Design Trends 

The second armoire was more contemporary in its nature. A sleek full flat paneled aged-brass face with the finishing touch of a fine leather stitched handles. Its bespoke details like this that create an experience for your user. This second armoire had a full 30” refrigerator and full 24” freezer.

Kitchen Refrigerator Design Trends Kitchen Refrigerator Design Trends

Another showstopper was my signature Autobahn cabinet inspired by the face of the Bentley grill. This super-car cabinetry complimented the Superiore Next series range with custom aged- brass accents. A pop of excitement was found inside the cabinetry with my trademark Richar Living Collection luxe red interiors.

Kitchen Design Trends Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends

The island was a multi-tiered element creating a wow factor with a cantilevered 6” thick Dekton by Cosentino countertop. This Kelya material from the Natural Collection ran throughout the kitchen and was in the perfect gray hue to compliment the deep wall color. I designed the custom kitchen table with Grouthouse lumber highlighting a subtle chevron textured wood pattern with a brass screw detail.

Kitchen Island Dekton by Cosentino Kitchen Bar Design Ideas
The bar showcased artisan caliber plumbing products by KALLISTA in Gunmetal and hand hammered polished silver. The Bradley USA “Chika” wall covering by Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs added a playful graphic detail and was further celebrated by the “Prost” neon sign meaning “Cheers” in German.

Kitchen Wine Room Desing Kitchen Bar Countertop  

The final magic moment of the kitchen was the inception wine room inspired by the idea of a dream within a dream. This selfie-ready room was completely reflective and created the illusion that space infinitely continued.

Kitchen Design Trends Kitchen Design Trends
A modified version of this design will be headed to the Architectural Digest Show March 22-25, 2018. Please keep up with me on social media @RichardA2Z or email me at for any further information. Photos copyright of Padgett and Company.

Top Trends from KBIS 2018

Last week was an exciting time in the kitchen and bath industry. More than 600 brands and companies filled the halls of the Orange County Convention Center in the great sunshine state to show off the latest kitchen and bath trends and innovations for the industry!
Even if you weren’t able in attendance you might have seen some of the magic unveil through your social media feeds. If you missed out, here is our roundup of need-to-know trends for the industry in 2018!

1. Finishes

Black matte, brushed gold and brass fixture finishes continue to be one of the most popular trends this year. We love the variety it brings to a room and the many styles it is showcased in.

Black Matte Trend

Black Matte Trend

Brass Trend

Brass Trend

2. Florals & Pops of Color

Another trend that was prominent at KBIS was Florals! We’re looking forward to spring and the incorporation of flowers into many aspects of design. Along the same line, bright hues for a pop of color were also popular at the show! This can be done with backsplash, flooring, walls, and cabinetry! This trend really brings out personality and a fun energy that you are sure to love in your home!

Floral Trend

Floral Trend

Floral Trend

Pop of Color Trend


3. Smart Appliances

It’s 2018 and we are another step closer to the future of smart homes! This year the appliances category was all about incorporating innovative smart features. We saw interconnectivity between appliances in an effort to make home life easier and more efficient.

Smart Appliance Trend

Smart Appliances Trend

Smart Appliances Trend

Smart Appliances Trend

Smart Appliances Trend

4. Unique Back Splash/Feature Walls

Some of the most jaw-dropping designs at KBIS 2018 featured amazing backsplashes and feature walls. From backlit onyx to antiqued mirrored glass, this trend will certainly make a statement in your home.

Feature Wall Trend

Feature Wall Trend

Feature Wall Trend

5. Angles Textures & Patterns

Last but not least, we saw a variety of textures, patterns and play on angles throughout the design work. This trend brings the wow factor and is sure to suit any architecture lover.

Angles Trend

Pattern Trends

Angles Trend

Texture Trend

There you have it, you are now all in the know! Now, it’s time to share and incorporate these beautiful design ideas!
Did you see something you loved at the show? We’d love to hear your take on 2018’s top kitchen & bath design trends!

Honed vs Polished Marble

When choosing natural stone for countertops there is a lot of choices to make. From what type of stone to color, to edges and finishes. Something that seems simple, such as the finish, can drastically change the appearance of the stone and overall look of your space. We have had a lot of questions in regard to what finish to choose when adding marble to your home, so here is the low-down on polished vs honed marble. 

The Basics:

The definition of Honed is when the stone slab has been grounded to a smooth, flat consistent surface. This finish is created by stopping short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch. The definition of polished is, well you guessed it, the opposite! A polished surface creates a beautiful glossy shine from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


Honed Characteristics:

Since honed marble is a matte finish it is more resistant to scratches. Even if honed marble does get scratched, it is less noticeable because the scratch won’t be as easy to see when light reflects off it, like with a polished surface. On the other hand, honed marble is more susceptible to stains, so it important to clean them up spills immediately. Since it is matte, when the surface gets wet, it is less slippery than polished making it a great choice for flooring.

Honed Marble

Polished Characteristics:

Polished marble is coated which acts as a protectant, making it less susceptible to stains. Consequently, the highly reflective surface means more visible scratches. Since polished marble is very smooth, this makes it a dangerous option for flooring in high traffic areas because or bathrooms because it can be very slippery when wet. It is, however, a classic choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

 Polished Marble

Honed Recap:

Looks: Matte

Feel: Velvet/Satin

Durability: Scratch resistant, but easily stained.

Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean up spills immediately, re-sealing suggested over time.

Suggested Application: Countertops and high traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, or living room.


Polished Recap:

Look: Glossy & Shiny

Feel: Smooth

Durability: Scratch and etch easily, but more stain resistant.

Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean spills immediately.

Suggested Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, and walls.


Whether you chose honed or polished as the finish for your marble, it will make a luxurious addition to your home.

Top 10 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends for 2018

With 2017 coming to a fast close, we’re here to help you ring in the new year with our top 10 kitchen and bath trends for 2018! You didn’t think we’d let you be out of style, did you?

1. Quartz:

Granite has been a been a top seller for quite some time but quartz just took a hold of first place. As much as we love natural stone, quartz is a surface we love just as much! Quartz countertops are popular because not only do they come in an array of colors and styles that can resemble natural stone, but they’re also well loved because of their durability and carefree maintenance. Sounds like a winner in our book!


2. Brass & Gold Toned Hardware:

Brass has been making its way into the trends for quite some time and the world has finally fallen head over heels for it! You can’t go far without seeing its marks anywhere and we are not complaining. This trendy metal finish can be used in quite a lot of features. From faucets to lighting, to rivets and even appliances this trend is sure to bring the look of luxury into your space!

Brass Hardware

3. Stone Sinks:

Ok, we aren’t going back to the primal times but, if they had these beauties of a stone sink, we might consider it. These hand-carved babies are crazy high on the trend list and that’s why we cannot go into 2018 without them! They come in a variety of styles so you don’t have to sacrifice not having a deep sink! A stone apron sink will easily be your new favorite feature in your kitchen.

Marble Stone Sink

4. Bold Lighting:

Lights have come a long way and nowadays the bolder the better! There are MANY different choices you can go for. From pendant lights, to track lights, chandeliers to sconces, the choices are rather endless. If your space features a lot of lines, soften things up with orb lights. Just because your space is traditional doesn’t mean you have to go with boring light choices. It’s time to mix things up this 2018 and add something bright and bold to your space.

Bold Lighting

5. Pop of Color:

Pantone recently released that violet is the color of the year for 2018, but that shouldn’t dismiss navy and sage being in the mix. While white and neutral kitchens have been a favorite for quite some time, people are getting bored and adding color where desired.

Pop of Color

6. Two-Toned Cabinets:

This trend caught us by surprise but we are loving it! Who would have thought to purposefully use two different finishes on cabinetry? This look is on the rise and if you are remodeling, be the trendsetter in your neighborhood and go two-toned! It’s the perfect opportunity to play into that Pop of Color!

Two-Toned Cabinets

7. Bleached Wood Cabinets:

If going two-toned is too bold for you, try the bleached cabinet trend. You still get the look of a bright, clean kitchen without having to go full on white. The appeal is neutral color, dimension, and texture.

Bleached Cabinets

8. Bold Tile:

Goodbye, boring subway tile. Hello, texture and vibrant patterns and colors! When you are designing a room, start from the floor and go up. Choosing a bold tile floor or backsplash adds great contrast and breaks things up in a neutral space.

Bold Tile

9. Black Stainless Appliances:

Stainless steel is very popular finish in the appliance world but LG, Whirlpool & Frigidaire have released a new contender — black stainless steel!! These gorgeously finished appliances will definitely add a bold touch of luxury to your home!

Black Stainless Steel

10. Smart Appliances:

A lot of automation has entered into our homes, from the rise of Google Home, Alexa, and Nest, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw these features in our kitchen appliances! And that’s why 2018 will be the start of the Smart Home Era. From Wi-Fi-connected dishwashers and ovens that start from the power of your voice or app, the future is defiantly here!

Smart Appliances
So, let’s say goodbye to the old style of 2017 and hello to the new, bright, bold future of 2018!


Quick Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving on Granite Countertops

Thanksgiving Granite Countertops

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Do you have granite or marble countertops in your kitchen? Well look no further, we have a quick holiday care guide for you!

Thanksgiving is a few days away and it’s time to get your countertops ready. Natural stone countertops are a beautiful feature of your home so it is important that we keep those countertops in tip-top shape, especially during the holiday season.



It is important to seal your countertops once a year, so why not do it a week a before the holiday season for extra protection for your kitchen countertops!


Cutting Boards

A big part of hosting Thanksgiving is all the meal prep and the carving of the bird. The use of cutting boards is crucial! Natural stone is tough, but not so tough when you put a knife against it. Stock up on cutting boards before the main event and use them for preparing and serving your feast!


Heat Protectant

Everything needs heat protectant! From your skin in the summer sun to your hair from hot tools, it is important to heat protect your countertops too! Use hot pads and trivets to protect your countertops from the shock of hot pots, pans, and dishes.



As well as protecting from the heat you should protect from the cold and condensation of your glassware. The use of coasters will do this and add an elegant touch to your table setting.


Clean Up

To avoid a huge mess at the end of your gathering, clean up spills as you go! If you have marble countertops, cleaning up acidic spills like wine and lemon juice are very important to do ASAP to avoid staining and etching. The greatest and safest everyday method of cleaning your countertops is to use a microfiber towel and warm water. To tackle heavier messes, the use of nonabrasive countertop products recommended by your installer are best.


Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and those beautiful countertops!

Top Chef: Tips for Creating a Commercial Kitchen at Home

When designing a new kitchen, or remodeling an existing one, why not look to commercial or restaurant kitchens for inspiration? Restaurant kitchens are specifically designed to operate efficiently and safely—and with many modern restaurants now showcasing “open kitchens” they can even provide some style direction. Take a few notes from these spaces and your home kitchen will be poised for the big time…”Top Chef” will have nothing on you!

Create as open a kitchen floor plan as your space will allow. If you plan to entertain in your kitchen and share cooking activities, this is especially critical. Commercial kitchens are designed for ease of movement among multiple cooks. Try to keep a minimum kitchen aisle width of 3 ft, and up to 5 ft. if possible. A good floor plan eliminates unnecessary steps—meaning how many steps it takes to get from point A to point B—allowing you to cook and clean efficiently. And allowing anyone in that space to be part of the experience without being in the way.

bar island seating

Consider open shelving in place of traditional cabinets. This allows the cook to see and grab necessary pans, ingredients and utensils quickly and avoids sticky hands on cabinet doors. Shelving is also much easier to clean than inside deep cabinets. Instead of equipping lower cabinets with all sorts of drawers and pullouts, get rid of the cabinet doors and just go with drawers that can be sized to fit their intended contents. This is a more practical use of space and will still provide adequate storage for those items.

In a commercial kitchen, the sink(s) need to be versatile and hard working. For at-home cooks, the same is true, so opt for a large, deep sink. While there are many trendy and attractive sink surface options, stainless steel is a good choice since it is easy to care for and has that professional look. A versatile, high quality faucet is also important. Be sure it’s tall enough to handle large pots and has high powered spray options to adequately rinse dirty cookware and plates, as well as a gentle stream for fruits and vegetables. If your sink is far from your stove, add pot-filler faucet to that area.

large washing kitchen sink

The cook top and oven(s) are the central command of a commercial kitchen. Consider dual-fuel cooking appliances that give you more flexibility in cooking styles. It must have the responsiveness and control of a gas cooktop, while a convection oven will provide quicker cooking times. Continual cooktop grates are ideal as they can accommodate many different cooking accessories like griddles, woks and larger pots and pans. It’s also much easier to slide pans across it to keep something warm on a back burner while you continue cooking items in the front. Also be sure to plan for a proper ventilation system for your cook top. Try to find one with a high suction (and even carbon filters to decrease the smells) and low sound…your kitchen shouldn’t sound like a helicopter landing. And no one can enjoy that seared steak if they’re in plumes of smoke!

Large capacity refrigerators and dishwashers are another key component in commercial kitchens. For the at-home cook, there are many options. For refrigerators, consider how you cook. If you’re a fresh produce, stopping by the butcher and the baker, kind of cook, then have a larger fridge and a smaller freezer. Buying meats and cheeses in bulk? Consider side-by-side fridges, so that you can really fill up that freezer. If you entertain a lot or have a large family, two dishwashers might be ideal. One of the few items that has not been commercially updates for the home kitchen is the dishwasher. Even the best ones on the market are still not half as speedy as commercial ones. So if you have the space, place one on either side of the sink. You won’t regret this!

Finally, when it comes to the pretty, most commercial kitchens are going to be covered in stainless steel or floor to ceiling subway tile, like an old scullery. I would not recommend cladding your entire space in stainless steel—it can be quite cold! However, these applications were effective because they were easy to clean, or literally, hose down in a restaurant space. For home, look at single slab surfaces that are non-porous, like quartz, but still give you range of stone options. This will keep the space looking clean and make it easy to clean…a win-win combination!

oversized island


Original post created by: Marqet Group



The Inspired Kitchen: Edwardian Style

Taking cues from across the pond, we fell in love with this Edwardian family kitchen in the UK designed by Humphrey Munson. What struck us most was their smart application of cabinetry finishes. A midnight blue hue contrast beautifully with the upper wooden cabinets and white perimeter fronts. If this particular kitchen had been all white—our favorite kitchen color in America—it would have lost the depth and interest that these combinations ultimately make. One unexpected design element is the circular wooden table that been customized to fit into the countertop. Three people can comfortably sit here and have the advantage of seeing each other (versus being side by side).

Another surprise is the mirrored backsplash behind the stove. It adds a bit of patina to this new kitchen that makes it feel more lived in. Finally, storage is key to any functional kitchen and there are smart solutions all over this space: tray inserts on the side of the island, a niche by the stove to keep everyday spices, and a hidden coffee cabinet smartly placed near the primary sink. One final bit of inspired design is the mantel-like facade over the cooking area. It’s a perfect solution to hide the hood and add another place for display.


Original post created by: Marqet Group

Creating a Family Friendly Kitchen

It is often said that “The kitchen is the heart of a home”. It’s where families and friends gather to cook, eat, mingle and entertain…..truly enjoying each others company. For busy families, kitchen design is critical, as it needs to accommodate everyone that will be using the space–from parents who organize meals and activities, to children that need to do their homework or fix themselves a snack–even the family pet that needs access to their food and water!

Think about how each family member uses the kitchen and what their role is? How many people cook in the kitchen at the same time? Do you entertain often and host family holidays? Basically, think about a day in the life of your kitchen, both during the week and weekends.

Easy cleaning surfaces are key for busy families. Reduce maintenance and clean up time by installing quartz surfaces which resists stains and is more forgiving with impacts. Look for surfaces with a little texture, like honed quartz or concrete which will also resist fingerprints! If you have younger children consider ordering your countertops with gently rounded edges instead of sharp corners. And, stick with semi-gloss paint for your kitchen walls rather than flat to easily wipe away spaghetti sauce and dirty fingerprints.

An accessible pantry is a family’s best friend. A walk in pantry? Even better! An organized pantry helps reduce countertop clutter and organizes food and paper goods into specific locations, making it easier for shopping inventory and putting groceries away. Designate lower pantry drawers for children to make it easier for them to access their favorite snacks.

If you have the space, combine a walk in pantry with a laundry room and utility sink to make it easier to power through your laundry while you cook!

A large kitchen island can multi-task as a meal prep station, dining area, homework spot, etc. So why not consider two islands? One in the cooking zone, can be exclusively for meal prep, while the other can be for dining, homework or a general gathering spot for family or guests. If you don’t have room for a second island, go with a banquette or breakfast nook. With a bench and chairs you can fit more people into a smaller amount of space.

An organization center can act as the family hub in your kitchen. Whether it’s a built in desk or hidden within a cabinet, a spot for a laptop, tablet and other electronics will go a long way in keeping your family organized. Also include a family calendar and an area for sorting mail and paperwork.

Parents can use this area to plan menus with their children in view. Also consider incorporating charging stations hidden away in a cabinet or drawer, which will keep clutter off the countertops.

When planning appliances, add areas (away from the cooking zone) where family members can help themselves instead of bothering the cook.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Separate refrigerated drawers (at kids height) for easy access to snacks and drinks
  • A wine refrigerator to simplify entertaining
  • A food warming drawer to keep side dishes hot, warm plates and cook food in batches
  • Double dishwashers  simplify cleanup (especially when entertaining) by having two dishwashers in separate areas. Kids can empty one dishwasher while mom is loading the other!
  • Pet food storage bins incorporated into cabinetry. Also consider a pet feeding station built into the side of your island!

Hopefully these tips can help you design a family friendly kitchen that is not just beautiful, but also functional, practical and convenient.

Original post created by Marqet Group